As global citizens living in a world where international travel and expatriation is the norm, we increasingly need to exchange currency. Many people make the mistake instructing their bank to handle this activity for them. Foreign exchange [FX] is a huge profit centre for banks and they often sell their FX service with so called "sweeteners" as an encouragement to use their services. The most commonly used sweeteners are; "Zero Telegraphic Transfer fee" or "Enter our free draw every time you use our FX service to win a car/gold". All of these incentives are designed simply to encourage you to use their FX service, meaning their sweeteners are ultimately at very little cost to them in comparison to the profits they make ..... remember there is no such thing as a free lunch!


Exchange houses in Malls are usually a little better, ie: you get a better rate, but you have to visit their outlets  and wait in line. Avoid exchanging money in Airports [at all times] unless it's only for small amounts.

MondialFX is an Online and Telephone based Currency Broker with superb rates and no queues, our backend services are currently run by GC Partners. After registering here, online, simply call our friendly staff to start arranging your first transfer and start saving money! Support offices are located in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the UAE.

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